Today’s flavor comes straight from Mark Gainfort’s boat via the Griffin Inn in Dale, Pembrokeshire Wales. 

gravadlaxGravadlax pronounced like battle ax... is a type of cured or preserved fish. It originates from Nordic cuisine and typically is made from Salmon, cured with either sugar or salt. Today’s gravadlax is actually Sewin, or sea trout, which has been marinated in beetroot and vodka. Oh my gosh! The flavor is inspired. It’s subtle and at the same time distinctive. Typically, I am not a fan of cured fish, not being partial in the least to things like lox , however this fresh take on the recipe is completely delicious. It was also amazingly aesthetically pleasing with the bright red of the beetroot creating colored nuances that were tremendously compelling.

This particular sea trout, otherwise known as Sewin, came straight from the bay in Milford Haven, fresher than fresh and sustainably harvested. Sea trout bears a close resemblance to salmon but has a subtler flavor and lighter colored flesh. Even so it contains all the delicious nutrients of salmon with much less political upheaval or particular environmental pressure. It is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and higher purine proteins, making it an excellent option for health and well-being.  Remember also that Salmon is a good mood food, with research demonstrating that it contributes to brain health and nervous system balance. It’s also a delicious option for cardiovascular health and immune function. Omega 3’s decrease oxidative sress and systemic inflammation. Couple that with the beetroot which has its own amazing nutrient base and you’ve got a dish that is worth savoring and also knowing you have tipped the scales of health your way (no pun intended). (:

My thoughts are, it’s worth figuring out how to get your hands on some Sea trout, beetroot and vodka and attempting to add gravadlax to your dietary repertoire...or better yet, if you’re in the area, make your way to the Griffin Inn in Dale and have some that has been prepared by the Master.